Highlands Community Association


Highlands Community Association (HCA) is located in South Burlington, Vermont. Its members are the owners of the 297 home sites in the Highlands at the Vermont National Country Club.

HCA exists to acquire, operate, and maintain the common elements of infrastructure (water pressure booster pump, sewage pumps, and storm water management structures). These efforts are financed by an equal annual assessment of all members, overseen by the Board of Directors consisting of members elected by the membership, and managed by Appletree Bay Property Management.

Please note that when you sell your Highlands residence you must 1) obtain a Resale Certificate(Homewisedocs.com) as soon as you have a signed Purchase and Sales Agreement and 2) notify Appletree Bay Property Management of the new owner's name(s) and mailing address. Please contact Appletree Bay Property Management if you have any questions.

Also note that HCA's covenants and restrictions require that any changes to the exterior of your home be pre-approved by the Highlands Design Review Committee. The process for doing this is found in the covenants.

The subject matter displayed on this website is intended to keep current homeowners informed and to provide prospective buyers with a information about HCA.

Thank you,
Board of Directors
Highlands Community Association